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As a native Dane living in the US, I have spent most of my life at the intersection of two cultures and languages. This gives me a deep understanding of the similarities and differences between the two cultures and an intuitive sense of how to facilitate communication between them. That background informs my work as a translator.

In my work as translator, my main focus are academic texts: Books, dissertations and journal articles. I manage the entire process in close collaboration with the writer – including translation, editing and proofreading.

I like to develop close partnerships with my clients, and I am  proud of my record of collaborating with the same researchers and writers for years.

Here is a selection of works by writers I have worked (and still work) with:

The process

Asking someone else to translate your writing requires a good amount of trust, and a successful translation is always the result of a close partnership between the writer and the translator. I can manage the entire process or just do the translation. I also offer English language revision services if you write in English and would like help you improve flow, word choice, etc.

Regardless of the service you request, I make sure that the final result flows,  is without grammatical or language errors and  is as close to the writer’s text and intention as possible.

 Editing:  Before I begin the translation process, I read through the entire text. Together we decide if certain areas need improvement in terms of readability or if there are passages that need to be edited or omitted in a different language and context.

 Translation:   I begin by translating a small section of the text for you to take a look at. I want to make sure that you recognize yourself and your ideas in the translated version before I translate the entire text.

 Proofreading: Proofreading is our final quality control – the process focuses on the formal aspects of the texts: Grammar, spelling and consistency.

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Kind words

I have been very happy with all the translation work Christina has done for me. People always comment on the quality of the language, and she always manages to capture both my voice as well as the specific language and terminology that applies to my field – Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen