My story

I am a writer, story coach, translator and teacher. As a story coach, I work with both individual writers/storytellers as well as businesses and organizations to help uncover, craft and tell their story. I am the co-founder and producer of On The Fly, a monthly Moth-style story slam in the Hudson Valley and am currently at work on a memoir about raising a special needs daughter. I hold an MA in Comparative Literature and a Ph.D in American literature and teach writing and literature at University at Albany. I also teach writing to prison inmates.

Photo by Val Shaff

I was one of those kids who always kept a journal. I still have some of them, though many have been lost to transatlantic moves between Denmark and America and feverish attic clean-outs. I also used to be an avid letter writer. I have an entire binder full of letters I wrote to my mom while I was traveling in India after high school. And extensive letter exchanges with a long-distance boyfriend.  Then, for years, I stopped keeping a journal – mostly because life got in the way. I have raised three kids, one of them a girl with special needs, and there just did not seem to be enough time in the day to take that little time to be with myself in writing. Or maybe it was because I completed a Ph.D. during that time. Now that my kids are older – and two of them are off on their own – I have returned to journaling , but also to a more focused attempt to recover those years that I don’t have in print – specifically the life-altering experience of raising a special needs daughter, and the many ways in which that experience has shaped and continues to shape my life.


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