Story slam

Close calls: Story slam this week

  Have you every found yourself in a precarious situation only to find that luck was on your side? Narrowly missed a natural, personal, or work related disaster? Did you almost get married, but then thought better of it?

Close calls come in many forms, and we only know them as close calls because they didn’t happen. Close call stories are stories about things that almost happened – but didn’t. Come out to tell yours!

Story slam


Good or bad, we all have them. Neighbors! The people next door, down the street, across the state or country border. Those that stay in your life forever, or the ones you only know for a moment.

Join us on Tuesday February 20th in a celebration of the people living close to us by telling a 5-minute story about your NEIGHBORS.

♪ Would you be mine, could you be mine, won’t you be my neighbor♪

Story slam

First story slam of 2018

Whether it’s buying a new car or switching careers, lover, religion, gender, fashion style or eating habits, you’ve surely had an experience of scrapping an old way of doing things and starting fresh.

Starting over might be terrifying, exhilarating, or challenging, and the outcome enlightening, funny, or even tragic. Regardless, there’s bound to be a good story whenever someone decides it’s time to reshuffle the cards and set out on a new journey.

With the beginning of the new year, we invite you to come tell a five-minute story about a time in your life when you had to, chose to, wanted to or failed to start over.

Story slam

Spooky stories

Get in the Halloween spirit at the next On The Fly Story Slam.

Come share stories of all things uncanny, inexplicable, ghostly or just straight up scary. You’ve got 5 minutes to tell a story based on you personal experience of something that made the hairs on your neck stand up, challenged your sense of reality, scared the pants off you, or made you revel in the wonders of the unknown.

Come put your name in the hat on October 25.