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November story slam: MAGIC!

As we’re headed into the darkness of winter, we call on you to enlighten and brighten the darkness with stories of MAGIC – however you define that word. Magic can appear in the most unforeseen places: chance encounters and sightings on your morning walk, enchanted conversations, political movements that create change. We all need a little magic in our lives. Come share your magical stories on November 20 @ 6pm.

Story slam


It’s our Birthday and we invite you to join us for a very special celebration of the one year anniversary of On The Fly Story Slam on October 16 @ 7pm. This special show will feature a line-up of some of our favorite storytellers from this past year’s story slams as well as a special guest panel of local judges who will be tasked with the difficult decision of deciding who will take the grand slam title. Come out to support your local storytellers and community, enjoy a drink while listening to some groovy tunes by local performers, stay for dinner, and help us launch a second year of On The Fly Story Slams at Helsinki Hudson.

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Story slam



Get ready for another evening of delightful stories from local storytellers at the next ON The Fly Story Slam on August 21. 

Stories about boundaries are stories about how we negotiate and act on and in the liminal spaces where right meets wrong, up meets down, us meets them, I meet you. 

Come tell YOUR story of boundaries crossed or otherwise encountered on Tuesday August 21 @ 6PM.

Story slam

Story Slam June 19: SECRETS

Come out for the next On The Fly Story Slam on Tuesday, June, 19 where storytellers     (yes, you!) will have a chance to tell a 5-minute story based on personal lived experience. Our theme for the night is SECRETS. If you’ve ever kept secrets, you know their power to warp and alter reality, to change relationships and complicate your life in both funny and more serious ways. We want to hear your story. Time to come clean!

And if you think you have a story but are unsure how to tell it, here are some tips and tricks from the expert storytellers at The Moth:

Story slam

On The Fly May 15: Stuck

We had a small, but dedicated crowd this week despite tornado and flood warnings, and a fantastic line-up of stories. Michael’s story about competing in a car race for the blind was particularly memorable. Can you imagine?
Next month’s story slam will be June 19. The theme of that night’s stories will be SECRETS. We know you’ve got them!

Story slam


The aftermath (poster) Stories of the aftermath. According to the dictionary, the word “aftermath” can either mean “the consequences or aftereffects of a significant unpleasant event” or “new grass growing after mowing or harvest.” Whether stories of regeneration or fundamental change, we invite you to come tell your personal stories about that which followed.

Story slam

Close calls: Story slam this week

  Have you every found yourself in a precarious situation only to find that luck was on your side? Narrowly missed a natural, personal, or work related disaster? Did you almost get married, but then thought better of it?

Close calls come in many forms, and we only know them as close calls because they didn’t happen. Close call stories are stories about things that almost happened – but didn’t. Come out to tell yours!